Presius Tajah : Visual Artist

My name is Presius Tajah. (Precious Ta'yah)
Illustration. Sketchbook. Video. Photography. Fashion. Styling.
My focus is currently on an illustration series called #hoodratzandhauscatz and working in underground music culture via video/photography.

Characters and junk

I was working on a flyer for my friends boutique, A Seamless Transition. My software crashed so I worked by hand. I LOVED working on the font, which was inspired by the owns bf original signage. & finally XeroxXXXXXxxxx! Design work use to be done by hand so no excuses on this piece. 

Artist: Presius Tajah 
"hood mouse"

raw sketch > took pic from phone > added white background under layer in photoshop > i like to edit on top of the actually photo and occasionally use another layer for parts like the bow, or making corrections. 

Kerli is my [her]o.

My homie gave me this unicorn eraser^^**

My homie gave me this unicorn eraser^^**

Hello readers,
My favorite comfort food is ramen and eel. That is all.
Thank you :)